Risk ManagementA Global View

EWI Re develops effective risk management strategies to protect the people, property, cash flow, customers, and reputation of organizations.

Traditionally, risk management has been viewed as a structured approach to purchasing and managing insurance. However, insurance is only one of the many components in an integrated risk management program that focuses on reducing the frequency and severity of loss while reinforcing positive behaviors. Business is dynamic: Exposures and operating environments are constantly changing. Accordingly, risk management programs must continuously be refined in order to optimize efficiency.

Fee based services include:

  • Risk Identification, analysis and measurement
  • Safety and health related site audits
  • Property preservation and fire protection audits
  • Health and Safety related policy and procedure review and development;
  • Claim review and strategy;
  • Risk financing strategies; and
  • Insurance related contract review


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About Us

We understand insurance risk

EWI Re knows no two clients are alike, just as no two brokerages are alike.  What sets EWI Re apart from other brokerages, is its dedication to its client and its uncompromising commitment to trust and transparency.  Each client’s business is dynamic with exposures and operating environments constantly changing.  Accordingly, at EWI Re, Strategic Discovery, Financial Analysis, and Market Evaluation never end.  We are committed to always seeing your business through fresh lenses, and coupled with our deep experience, providing the best advice and service to your ever-evolving business.

EWI Re recognizes the trust clients put into our capabilities, and we reciprocate by being your most trusted advisor.  We hold in confidence the confidential and propriety aspects of your business while providing you with objective advice, free from conflicts of interest.

EWI Re is a boutique reinsurance broker providing superior reinsurance and risk management to regional providers. Based in Dallas, our firm was founded nearly 50 years ago, and today has offices in Dallas and London, providing our clients with direct access to the global reinsurance marketplace. Though our service offerings have grown over the years, we have remained focused on one goal: providing exceptional service to small- to medium-sized businesses.


Our international reinsurance services include treaty and facultative reinsurance, assistance with the formation of captives and risk retention groups, catastrophe modeling, dynamic financial analysis, and commutations and runoff services.

We also provide a full range of risk management services to help businesses identify, analyze and reduce risk factors.


For small- to medium-sized businesses, EWI Re offers superior reinsurance and risk management from a single trusted source. Contact us today to put our experienced team to work for your business.

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